Meet our Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Advisory Board – a select group of industry experts handpicked for their experience in such key areas as contracts, budgets, regulatory, and site liability.

We are pleased welcome our first two board members, Molly Huggins and Peter Sullivan.

Molly Huggins is an attorney with experience dealing with contract, budget and regulatory issues that arise in working with pharma, biotech, and medical device companies and IRB’s.

“Sites need sophisticated legal services to protect their interests in this part of the pharmaceutical marketplace. My aim is to provide legal advice to Ancilla Services clients without the expense of adding the infrastructure of a full-time legal department.”

Peter Sullivan is a licensed liability insurance broker, with experience advising clients on all aspects of research site liability issues.

“I see my services as the third leg of a tripod.  A research site needs legal advice and accounting support and my team and I would provide the risk management and insurance support.  Research site’s of today deal with complex contracts and have unique exposures and their legal, accounting, risk management and insurance needs are all inter connected.”

In the near future we will be adding a former FDA auditor who will be available to advise on all aspects of audit preparation and conduct, as well as on how to work with other offices within the agency.

Consultations, at special rates and without burdensome retainers, can be arranged by contacting us by phone or on the contact us form on this website.

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