Services that Make Sense for Investigators

Investigators: you became an investigator to engage in the science of developing new and more effective treatments for any number of indications. But you may not have anticipated the time and effort it takes to reach out to, connect with and engage sponsors and manufactures to participate in clinical research trials. That’s where Ancilla comes in to play. We make things easier for you to focus on what you do best: being a Principal Investigator.

Ancilla, LLC has provided business development and clinical trial management services to a network of independently owned research sites, representing multiple therapeutic indications for over 12 years. We connect our partner investigators to clinical research trials that most accurately meet the site’s patient population and research capabilities. We also provide pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs a vast selection of highly qualified investigators with experienced staff who successfully complete clinical trials, often exceeding start-up timelines and enrollment goals.

“We connect our partner investigators to clinical research trials.”

By matching up a site’s capabilities and patient population with appropriate clinical research studies, Ancilla is able to help sponsors and CROs meet or exceed study enrollment goals while maintaining quality data collection.
All sites are able to perform study-related tests and procedures on site or within close proximity and have adequate monitoring areas with internet access. All of the Ancilla sites are able to use a central IRB and are experienced with various EDC systems.

Ancilla provides network sites with in-house advertising and marketing services, including a fully staffed call center to handle patient recruitment efforts. Our quality assurance team provides sites with assistance and oversight via routine audits to assure compliance with all study-related activities.

Sites are selected to become part of the Ancilla network based on certain criteria:

  • Experience of the site: The average number of years of research experience is 7 years.
  • Capabilities and therapeutic specialties of the site and affiliated investigators
  • Subject enrollment history
  • Site location: We do not have competing sites within the same market

Overseeing and managing clinical trials can be a full-time job and some practices find it difficult to support both a private practice and a clinical research site. With Ancilla, investigators can focus on providing research excellence, while our specialized teams manage the details of study start-up. We have an excellent reputation for providing physician practices with research management services that complement their existing research initiatives.
Ancilla, LLC offers the following services for your site:

  • Business Development
  • Feasibility and Site Identification
  • Regulatory Start-Up and IRB Submissions
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Team
  • Patient Recruitment and Dedicated Call Center
  • GCP and ICH Training
  • Contract and Budget Negotiations
  • QA and SOPs


Program Development for Clinical Research Sites

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